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I recently began publishing on Medium. Reflecting on everything from writing to parenthood while engaging with various styles keeps my skills sharp. To stay up-to-date on my latest posts, click here and follow me. 



Let's Take Back 'Good' Writing: There's a lot of advice out there, but is it all helpful? An honest, edgy look at how writers can improve their skills - Writers Guild

The Beautiful Wisdom of Reluctant Mothers: A personal essay about the dark side of parenting and the importance of open dialogue among strong women - Be Yourself

Father's Day Can Suck It: A tongue-in-cheek look at what Moms sometimes think but don't say - self published

The Cost of Being Contrary: Can a Freelance Writer Survive Without Social Media: An in-depth essay about the battle between personal beliefs and professional pragmatism - self published

The One Thing I'll Never do to Advance My Writing: The rules governing conduct on social media have changed everything. But is it ever okay to ask for praise? - The Writing Cooperative

Here's to All You Medium Nobodies: A reminder that sometimes the best writers have yet to be discovered - The Writing Cooperative

How Red Sweatpants Saved My Marriage: Do satirical essays about the complexities of marriage ever get old? I think not - Lady Pieces

Writing Advice to Ignore: Advice about ignoring advice...because sometimes we need to go rogue -The Writing Cooperative

What the Beastie Boys Taught Me About Self-Acceptance - A story about youth, adulthood, and the great compromise in-between - The Ascent

Magazine Articles:

Parents Helping Parents: An uplifting story about an Amarillo organization dedicated to helping parents with special needs children - Amarillo Living

Traveling Sisters: For more than two decades, four sisters have been traveling the world together, creating lifelong memories and strengthening family bonds with new adventures - Amarillo Living