Let's begin at the beginning...

In 7th grade, I started writing in a journal.

Though overuse of the term "shitty" rendered these early attempts a bit simplistic, this first experience transferring  thought to paper changed my life. I began to recognize the authority of words, playing with them, learning to bend and break rules of grammar and usage to suit my purposes. 

In college, I majored in English...both times.

Here, I discovered a knack for writing, churning out 15 to 20-page papers on a regular basis. In graduate school (many years and two kids later), I excelled at research, albeit sometimes blurring the lines of acceptable academic prose to the chagrin of my professors.

I spent 11 years working in the Oil & Gas Industry.

Before graduate school, I spent more than a decade working for companies like EOG Resources and Chesapeake Energy. In these years, I developed business writing chops, drafting formal emails to coworkers, superiors, and affiliate landmen at other companies. I was also tasked with generating letters (often on company letterhead) to landowners and their attorneys. 

Today, my singular goal is to make a living playing with my first best friend.

Though my range has expanded since middle school to include business, academic and journalistic approaches...

... I still love the word "shitty."


On a personal note, I fancy great books (a writer who doesn't read is like a chef who doesn't eat), close friends, and the ludicrous moments that come from letting your husband and kids get handfuls of frosting...and launch them at your face.